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Britain's 100m Beijing silver medallist and London 2012 200m bronze medallist in the Paralympic games

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Set Your Goals And Feel The Rush

Ben Rushgrove London 2012 ParalympianBen Rushgrove is a British Paralympic medal-winning T36 sprinter who set a world record for the T36 200m in 2007 and became the first athlete to break 25 seconds for this event.

Feeling The Rush

To win is to accept that you have no time to think - you just perform. Winning is not about thinking what you can't do but knowing what you can do. Whether you are in business, at school or on the track, train hard and know your game. When your time comes to compete, your performance is built upon everything you have trained for. Only then, as you execute, will your mind and body feel the rush.

What Is Your Personal Best?

Sport (and sprinting in particular) is a tremendously powerful metaphor for performance in business or in education.- Ben Rushgrove

Who and What Motivates You?

We all need to be motivated in order to achieve our best performance - I have brought together a group of people around me that I call Team Rushgrove - they inspire me, challenge me and motivate me but who motivates you?

Facing Challenges

We all face a different set of challenges and posess different skill sets, whether your challenge is passing an exam, selling a new product or performing as part of a team, we all need motivation. When you are correctly motivated, when you know your goals, when you have trained hard to perform at the highest level, you will discover that winning becomes your reality and you will then know what it's like to feel the rush.